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Умная бумага - Транспорт jigsaw puzzles

Models of a variety of vehicles and office equipment from the Smart paper brand are an excellent option for a three-dimensional cardboard set-constructor, which does not need any scissors or glue to assemble! All you need to do is carefully and patiently bend the cardboard parts, following the detailed instructions. The Assembly technology is special and patented: if everything is done correctly, you can fully play with the craft, as with a real toy! 
A concrete mixer, a bulldozer, an official car of the Russian Ministry of emergency situations, a majestic Galleon, helicopters and planes, boats and tanks - you can easily choose a designer to taste and color. In addition, choose a set that is suitable for the level of complexity: with the smallest number of parts or, on the contrary, with the largest. 
Smart paper sets have long established themselves as original gifts for both children and adults! They are useful for children in terms of developing fine motor skills, perseverance and patience, and their dads and moms will be useful as a non-trivial pastime or an exciting hobby option at home.