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Rules of the bonus system

Do you like to share your collected puzzles on social networks? We suggest that you make the process even more interesting – Share your puzzles AND collect bonuses, to buy new puzzles or transfer them to your PayPal account.

How it works

Simple! When someone clicks Your link and becomes our buyer (and your referral), then you get a 5% bonus from the total of every order placed by this client in one year period. The bonus will be credited to your account.

Special link

The link can lead to any page on the site, but the end of the link must be in the form of "? ref=id“, where id is your personal number, which can be seen on the Bonuses page in Your personal account.


URL: https://1001puzzle.com/pazly/proizvoditeli/Pintoo/

Go in your Bonuses page: https://1001puzzle.com/personal/partner/


YOUR URL: https://1001puzzle.com/pazly/proizvoditeli/Pintoo/?ref=1

Special coupon

Another way to earn bonuses: share a coupon with a 5% discount. All new customers who place an order with this coupon become your referrals, which means that you get bonuses to your account in the amount of 5% of the amount of all orders of this buyer during the year. The code is generated on the Bonuses page in Your merchant profile.

How to use bonuses

You can pay for the product (not delivery) in the shopping cart (on the checkout page).


Please send your questions, suggestions and comments to: mail@1001puzzle.com