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Cobble Hill (Canada) jigsaw puzzles are manufactured by Canadian company Cobble Hill established in 2005 and specializing in jigsaw puzzles only. "jigsaw puzzles must unite families, make joint leisure time useful and social" - this is how Cobble Hill motto approximately sounds like, and the company spreads this motto around the world.
Besides family orientation, Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles are remarkable with high-quality blue cardboard, textured canvas and matt appearance. This also includes non-standard piece cutting: they can be circular, triangle-shaped, octagonal or even curved. Of course, this does not affect the quality of piece fitting.
The number of parts in the set varies as well: 275, 300, 400, 500, 1000 and 2000 pieces. There really is something to choose from. Moreover, themes of paintings for assembly are no less diverse: these are Christmas landscapes, photos of birds and animals, European urban landscapes, all sorts of collages with food and interior objects.

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