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Educa jigsaw puzzles


Educa jigsaw puzzles (Spain) are produced by a company of the same name since 1967 and find their fans in the most different countries, including Russia. The increased interest of jigsaw lovers for this Spanish brand can easily be explained by the flawless quality of the pieces, admirable variety of images and even the fact that Educa attaches containers of glue to some of its jigsaw puzzles, which further increases the credibility of this firm. Not to mention the fact that Educa shocked the jigsaw industry by presenting a jigsaw jigsaw puzzle with 24 thousand pieces, to the envy of comptitiors!
You will make no mistake with your gift if you choose Educa jigsaw puzzles. Those are landmark jigsaw puzzles, reproductions of paintings by famous artists (Picasso, Dalí, da Vinci, van Gogh), gothic themes, European landscapes and architectural subjects. And also children, animals, cars, fairy-tale characters and much more!

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