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The puzzle will serve as a long-awaited gift to long-time fans of mosaics, as well as surprise and delight those who are just introduced to the art of assembly. Puzzles 260 details - this is a rich palette of stories that will interest fans of puzzles of all ages. This animal world, and sights, and pictures from cartoons, and original abstractions, as well as landscapes, still lifes and much more. In this section there are puzzles of 300 elements - to collect them is not much more difficult, and the fun is a little more!
Gather puzzles like adults and children, office workers and freelancers. Mosaic is a fascinating process that helps to concentrate, relax from the hustle and just have a sincere time. Assembling a puzzle has a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills, coordination of movements. Also, this activity has a positive effect on intelligence, spatial thinking, logic and perseverance.

Mostly puzzles have 260-300 elements. Suitable for age 6+.

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