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Art Puzzle (Heide) jigsaw puzzles

Art Puzzle (Heide)

Art jigsaw puzzle (Turkey) are Turkish-"origin" jigsaw puzzles by Heidi Oyuncak, established in 1983. Art jigsaw puzzle started its own line of jigsaw puzzles in 2006.
Art jigsaw puzzle themes are very different and everyone, from children to grown-ups, can find something interesting there. Those are animals, landscapes, still-life, reproductions of paintings by modern artists, marine themes, portraits, panoramic photos, surrealistic sketches, collage variations and many others.
Art jigsaw puzzle is famous for its clock jigsaw puzzles and useful accessories for jigsaw puzzle fans: such as jigsaw puzzle piece sorter, jigsaw puzzle assembly carpet, glue, etc.
Quality of Turkish Art jigsaw puzzle products is equal to European manufacturers.

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