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Умная бумага - Железная дорога jigsaw puzzles

What you will not see when traveling by rail! And the villages that pass in orderly rows outside the window, and freight trains waiting for loading at marshalling yards, and railway bridges that strike the imagination with the originality of architectural thought...
Now, to immerse yourself in the everyday life of the railway, you don't have to wait for the next trip - you can choose one of the sets from "Smart paper" dedicated to railway objects, and independently assemble such a wonderful cardboard constructor-attention! - without the help of scissors and glue! 
Here the locomotive depot of the 20th century, and a fire station of the 19th century, and passenger cars, and a locomotive with steam engine and boiler house, train station and much more! Parts (each set has a different number of them, depending on the level of difficulty) are perfectly attached to each other, so tightly that after assembling the craft, you can play with it as with a full-fledged toy!