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Figure puzzles from the Russian manufacturer of puzzles Step-Puzzle-fascinating mosaics, the Assembly principle of which, on the one hand, does not differ from the Assembly of ordinary puzzles, and on the other - we are talking about a process that is more exciting and at the same time non-standard, forcing you to find new solutions for seemingly ordinary situations.
Let's start with the fact that the figure puzzles have a contour that you need to lay out first. The outline option will depend on the theme of the puzzle: if we are talking about the animal world, then you will have to lay out, for example, the outlines of a bear, cat or dog; if the puzzle is dedicated to marine life, it can be a whale, turtle, killer whale or even a shark. And already inside the contour, the owner of the figure puzzle will have to join together suitable parts of the mosaic of different sizes! All of them are colorful, well-drawn, contain stories in meaning - very positive! 
The details are very pleasant to the touch, matte, made of durable cardboard. Each such set is accompanied by glue, which will allow you to glue the assembled puzzle, thereby finally completing the work on it.