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Wasgij Mystery jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles series Wasgij Mystery by the Dutch company Jumbo - is a search for an answer to the question of what will happen to the characters of the story in a few moments. This is the picture you need to collect, not the one shown on the package!
The fact is that the puzzles of the Wasgij Mystery series are the famous "Vice versa" puzzles that have a lot of fans around the world among children and adults! This is understandable, because, in addition to finding suitable parts, the owners of such puzzles must guess what picture they will eventually get (the intrigue persists until the last "puzzles").
This is sometimes not as easy as it seems! The last thing Jumbo's puzzle heroes want to do is be predictable. Brilliantly drawn in a cartoon style, they get into comical situations, are not afraid to be ridiculous, funny, happy, angry, have fun - in short, they live an ordinary cartoon life and can't wait for you to finally get closer to the solution. 
Our online store has a large selection of Jumbo puzzles in this series. Choose your favorite stories, the right amount of details and start collecting these wonderful puzzles "on the contrary" with the whole family!