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Pintoo jigsaw puzzles


Pintoo jigsaw puzzles (Taiwan) are produced by a company of the same name, founded in 2008. Despite being relatively young, the Taiwanese company Pintoo confidently gained a footing on the market, introducing, along with traditional jigsaw puzzles, unique hollow ball jigsaw puzzles, pyramid jigsaw puzzles, heart jigsaw puzzles, etc., which immediately caught the attention of jigsaw puzzle fans of different ages!
The product range of Pintoo jigsaw puzzles is really impressive. Those are reproductions of paintings by famous artists (Renoir, Mucha, van Gogh, Raphael, Thomson, Davison) and heart-trembling landscapes, famous landmarks, geographical maps, underwater world and many other things.
Pintoo jigsaw puzzles have many different sizes - from 150 to 2000 pieces!

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