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Новинки пазлов Hatber (октябрь 2019)

Новинки пазлов Hatber (октябрь 2019)

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Puzzle Hatber 4х500 details: Forest dwellers 

Puzzle Hatber 2х500 details: Black&Red  

Puzzle Hatber 2х500 details: Sea Cruise 

Puzzle Hatber 2х500 details: Favorite hobby 

Puzzle Hatber 2х500 details: Mountain lake 

Puzzle Hatber 2х260 and 500 items: Poppies 

Puzzle Hatber 2х260 and 500 parts of Castle 

Puzzle Hatber 2х260 and 500 items: Hiking in Europe 

Puzzle Hatber 2х260 and 500 items: Bamboo forest 

Puzzle Hatber 2х500 and 1000 items: Bright colors 

Puzzle Hatber 2х1000 details: Watercolour 

Puzzle Hatber 2х1000 details: Kittens and glomeruli 

Puzzle foil Hatber 2000 details: Bouquets for good mood 

Puzzle Hatber 2000 details: Beach 

Puzzle foil Hatber 1500 items: In the shadow of the brooding alleys 

Puzzle Hatber 1500 parts: Puppies in flowers 

Puzzle Hatber 1500 parts: Poetry of nature 

Puzzle Hatber 1500 parts: Sea sunset 

Puzzle 500 foil Hatber details: Aquarium 

Puzzle 500 foil Hatber details: Romantic sunset 

Hatber foil puzzle 500 items: Around the world 

Puzzle Hatber 500 items: Dog Husky 

Puzzle Hatber 500 items: Star wars (LUCAS) 

Puzzle Hatber 500 items: City police 

Puzzle Hatber 500 details: World architecture 

Puzzle Hatber 500 details: côte d'azur 

Puzzle Hatber 500 items: Super car 

Puzzle foil Hatber 1000 details: SPEED&DRIFT 

Hatber foil puzzle 1000 pieces: Candy joy 

Hatber puzzle 1000 pieces: Cooking 

Hatber puzzle 1000 pieces: Magical summer! 

Puzzle Hatber 250 details: Spectrum 

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