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van Dael jigsaw puzzles

Jean-Francois van Dahl (27 may 1764 Antwerp – 20 March 1840 Paris) was a Flemish painter and lithographer. He first studied architecture at the Antwerp Academy from 1776, despite his early passion for painting. 

Dahl was a prolific and successful artist in the number of his works and securing commissions from such rich and influential people as the empresses Josephine and Marie-Louise Bonaparte (1791-1847), as well as kings Louis XVIII and Charles X. 
From 1793 to 1833, Dahl was regularly shown at the Paris Salon and after 1807 – sometimes in the Netherlands. 

Van Dahl remained devoted to the Flemish tradition of flower painting, (Roses and Butterflies, 1802, Lille). But he also brought a lot of French to his paintings, inspired by Japanese ikebana and decorative monumentality.

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