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Sung Kim jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles of paintings of South Korean and American artist sung Kim (Sung Kim) will really fascinate those art fans who love the gentle landscape, summer scenes, deserted European streets, flowery gardens, various monuments of European architecture, the artist shows is not so, as is customary in the guidebooks, but otherwise in the eyes of locals slowly going about their business, tourists during Siesta in a seaside cafe or routinely ferried by gondola. 
Artist Sung Kim was born in Seoul and realized from an early age that painting would be his life's work. Later, when he received a special education at a College in the United States, he managed to establish his own Studio and engage in successful projects in the field of book and magazine illustration. However, a passion for travel and a special love of Europe allowed Sung Kim write over 400 landscapes!
Get to know the work of this talented artist closer by collecting puzzles with his works produced by the Turkish company Heidi (Art Puzzle).