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Сергей Семенов jigsaw puzzles

Sergey Semenov is an international economist by training. He worked in the specialty for 7 years, after which he completely went into photography. And the impetus was the 2008 crisis. Over 10 years of working in photography, I have visited more than 40 countries. Shoots in the genre of artistic landscape. He is the Director of the world-famous AirPano project, which aims to show the most beautiful corners of the planet from a bird's eye view, capture them in a spherical (360°) format (photo and video). Winner of competition: "Wild nature of Russia "(held by National Geographic), EpsonPanoAwards, Trierenberg Super Circuit, AdMe Photo Awards," Golden Turtle", Photosight Awards, The Best of Russia. His work is published in such publications as National Geographic, GEO, Der Spiegel, and the Daily Mail.