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Sam Timm jigsaw puzzles

Sam Timm is a multi-faceted person: professional artist, athlete, Minister, husband, father and grandfather.
He says that his main devotion is to God, his family, and the Church service.
But after that comes the painting of the beautiful animal world.
The talent that he has developed along with some hard work and experience in school. 
Several of his awards include:
  •  Sam's work has appeared in more than 80 separate limited editions. 
  •  2007 and 1990 Wisconsin Turkish stamps. 
  •  2006, 200, 1985 Wisconsin lake with large salmon and trout. 
  •  2003, 1994, 1985 Wisconsin Inland Trout Stamps. 
  •  2005, 2002, 1998 Wings Over Wisconsin Print of the Year. 
  •  1996, 1988 Wisconsin Duck Stamps. 
  •  1993 Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp. 
  •  1992 Ohio Duck Stamp. 
  •  1990 national wildlife Federation.
  •  1985, 1986 Wisconsin wildlife artist. 
  •  One of three performers to win all 5 Stamp Design Wisconsin DNR competitions. 
  •  Three different series of plates were minted for the Bradford Exchange. 
  •  Published by Wild Wings in lake city, Minnesota.