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Rosiland Solomon jigsaw puzzles

Rosiland's career in illustration spanning more than two decades includes working with clients as diverse as Disney, Scholastic, Random House, TravelSmith, Carnation, Golden Books, Kensington Computer Products, Troll Publishing, Galoob Toys, Serendipity Puzzles, and University Games. She illustrated ten books, countless textbooks, food bags and labels, toys, games, posters, puzzles, all sorts of illustrated educational products, and even a Tarot deck and astrological calendar.

She specializes in nature illustration, natural science, black and white illustration, juvenile illustration, character design, portraits, food and kitchen accessories design, and in "MetaArt", which is her own style of illustration of Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, and other magical images. using universal sacred icons.

For the past 8 years, Rosiland has used her own illustrations and worked as a designer, as well as creating works of art for both print and the Internet. These designs are designed for logos and brand images, business cards, flyers and brochures, book covers, album covers and packaging labels, as well as for artwork on websites.

Rosiland joined the Porterfield fine art licensing company in the person of lance Klass. her work in this field can be seen in fabric drawings, puzzles, stained glass Windows, garden flags, art tiles, and glass decorations. (see Art Licensing on the home page.)

Rosiland has a bachelor's degree in sociology and English, and studied airbrushing in Hollywood in 1978, where she endured an old-fashioned training at the men's Movie Poster Art Studio at Hollywood's crossroads of the world. She still works with airbrush gouache, performing a large number of details with pencils, prismacolors and tiny brushes, and also works on her recently acquired favorite tool for scanning her drawings in Photoshop and drawing with any brushes (watercolor, oil, or airbrush paint) it feels most appropriate for this design, often creating results similar to oil or acrylic painting.

Many of the paintings of Roseland can be purchased in the form of Giclee prints or enlarged stretched canvases. If you are interested in learning about buying prints of any of her works, please contact her for details and prices.