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Rosemary Millette jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by American animal artist rosemary millette) they will serve as a great gift for both children and adults - all those who love nature, and especially animals! 

Since childhood, rosemary was literally obsessed with painting, practiced a lot and honed her skills under the guidance of professionals in her field. Subsequently, she was able to combine a craving for creativity and work in the field of advertising. The artist was delighted that she had the honor to work with organizations that protect the environment, where her work was extremely popular and served as a visual propaganda of respect for nature, and in particular - animals.

And no wonder, because animals are frequent guests of rosemary millet's paintings. It masterfully conveys the features of their behavior, habits, color, even mood, depending on a particular situation. 

In our online store, rosemary millet's picture puzzles are presented by the canadian company Cobble Hill, whose puzzles are known for the excellent quality of both the details themselves and the colors applied to the canvas.