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Robert Bateman jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by canadian animal artist and naturalist Robert Bateman (Robert Bateman) are not inferior to the original works of this famous master of the brush. If you love nature and want to get one of them, then the canadian company cobble Hill puzzles are just what you need!
In his works, Robert Bateman depicted nature in all its beauty and diversity,
paying great attention to the animal world, including rare forest inhabitants. An artist by training, he worked as a geography teacher at school for 20 years, which allowed him to painstakingly explore and at the same time very accurately depict the environment on his canvases. Bateman's illustrations also accompanied many books about nature. In addition to this, he was also actively engaged in photography.
If you love nature as much as Robert Bateman, pay attention to the puzzles in this series. Different stories, different number of details and excellent quality of execution-all this will help you find exactly "your" puzzle or choose one of them as a gift to a loved one. 

Puzzle Cobble Hill 500 parts: Spotted owl
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