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Richard Macneil jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by British artist Richard MacNeil (Richard Macneil) they will take you into the world of truly unusual watercolors! It would seem that the subjects in McNeil's paintings are absolutely trivial-sights familiar to millions, still lifes familiar to the eye or ordinary everyday scenes. But they are written in the "unpredictable" manner peculiar only to MacNeil - when it becomes warm and cozy, looking at passers-by in the pouring rain, when the snowfall that paralyzed traffic in Central London causes an incredibly joyful feeling, when the absence of tourists at the foot of the Eiffel tower seems familiar, even ordinary, but still-so romantic!
Get acquainted with the works of this wonderful artist-this will help you puzzles in this series of Polish company Castorland. They have excellent color reproduction and high quality details. Collect this puzzle yourself or choose it as an original gift to dear people. Your taste will be appreciated!