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Raffaello Santi jigsaw puzzles

Raphael Santi (ital. Raffaello Santi, Raffaello Sanzio, Rafael, Raffael da Urbino, Rafaelo; 28 March [2] 1483, Urbino — 6 April 1520, Rome) - the great Italian painter, graphic artist and architect, representative of the Umbrian school.

Raphael got his first experience as an artist in his father's Studio. The earliest work is the fresco "Madonna and child", which is still in the house-Museum.

In 1502, the first Raphael Madonna appeared — "Madonna Solly", Madonna Raphael will write all his life.

In addition to a large number of paintings on religious themes, Raphael also creates portraits. In 1512, Raphael painted a Portrait of Pope Julius II. 

About 400 drawings of Raphael have been preserved. Among them there are preparatory drawings and sketches for paintings, there are also independent works.

Reproductions of paintings by this outstanding artist are also used as the basis for mosaics. They are collected in the section puzzles of Raphael.

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