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Pieter Bruegel jigsaw puzzles

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Dutch: Pieter Bruegel de Oude 1525-9 September 1569, Brussels), also known by the nickname "Muzhitsky", was a Dutch painter and graphicartist .

Pieter Bruegel began his creative biography as a graphicartist . By the mid-1540s, he was in Antwerp, where he studied in the Studio of Peter cook van ALST, a court artist of the Emperor Charles V.

Bruegel did not paint commissioned portraits or Nudes. Of the portraits attributed to Bruegel, only one is undoubtedly His. This is the painting "the head of a peasant woman" in 1564. Certainly the artist had no shortage of requests to paint portraits of his contemporaries, but, apparently, Bruegel did not accept such orders. Also during this period, the painting "Adoration of the Magi"is being painted.

Pieter Bruegel's works are a favorite subject for mosaics from different manufacturers in the category Pieter Bruegel's puzzles. 

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