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Петров-Водкин К.С. jigsaw puzzles

Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin (October 24 (November 5), 1878, Khvalynsk - February 15, 1939, Leningrad) was a Russian artist and writer, teacher and graphic artist. Petrov-Vodkin found similar ideas in the variety of European and Russian artistic trends of the early XX century, but always adhered to his own painting style. He is a lone artist, cosmopolitan and eternal Vagabond, who searched for universal meanings in every nation, in its traditions and directions of development.

Features of the artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin: Petrov-Vodkin's artistic language was formed at the intersection of traditions and avant-garde ideas. The old Russian icon, the Italian Renaissance, cubism, Fauvism, post - impressionism-all these influences intertwined in the artist's search and became a support in his own sincere, direct study of the world and people. Never abandoning figurativeness, Petrov-Vodkin boldly experimented with pure color and flat forms, with mystical, cosmic perspectives and symbolic plots. The artist found his own style not in schools and museums (although he studied painting for a very long time and persistently), but in traveling, studying faces and figures, gestures and actions.