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Mark Gray jigsaw puzzles

Mark Gray (born 20 February 1981) is an Amateur photographer from Melbourne, Australia. His work is well known to fans of the genre of panoramic photography, which he successfully deals with both on the green continent and in other parts of the world.

The Brand's style is very recognizable and unique in its own way. He is talented in using professional equipment and natural lighting, which perfectly conveys the bright natural colors of the places that he chooses as his subjects.

It is interesting that it takes a long time to do this. Sometimes it takes about 20 times to visit the chosen place to "catch" the right light at the so-called right point. For example, mark explains the success of his famous photo Craig's Hut by observing the object for 3 (!) years, noting for himself the features that come to the fore, thanks to natural light at certain times of the year. 

Wonderful panoramic puzzles Mark Gray are dedicated to the photographer's work. 

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