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Lucie Debelkova jigsaw puzzles

Lucie Debelkova (Lucy Debelkova) - travel photographer from Prague. There is nothing better to do in the world than photography and travel - it seems that this is the slogan that Lucy has been living under for many years. After all, at her relatively young age, she has traveled to more than 90 countries and is not going to stop there! 

A professional camera is Lucy's constant companion when traveling. With its help, she makes stunning landscape picturesthat you want to admire again and again. Lucy takes pictures of world-famous sights, architectural masterpieces that have not been touched by time, and local residents, without which her work would have been devoid of characteristic color. 

Oceans, deserts, ancient castles, harsh mountains, snow-covered rural houses, sparkling megacities - this and much more you can find in the form of attractive images-mosaics, if you choose Lucie Debelkova puzzles.

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