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Куинджи А.И. jigsaw puzzles

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (born Kuyumdzhi; (January 15 (27), 1842, according to another version, 1841 or 1843, Karasu (Karasevka), Mariupol district, Yekaterinoslav province, Russian Empire - July 11 (24), 1910, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire) was a Russian artist of Greek origin from the northern Black Sea region, a master of landscape painting.

Arkhip Kuindzhi (translated from Urum surname Kuindzhi means "goldsmith") was born in Mariupol (modern Donetsk region of Ukraine) in the Karasu quarter, in the family of a poor Greek shoemaker. In the metric, he was listed under the surname of Emendzhi — "a working man"[2]. The boy lost his parents early and was brought up by his aunt and uncle on his father's side. With the help of relatives, Arkhip learned Greek grammar from a Greek teacher, then, after home lessons, attended a city school for a while. According to the memoirs of his comrades, he studied poorly, but even then he was fond of painting and drew on any suitable material — on walls, fences and scraps of paper.

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