Claude Monet

Oscar - Claude Monet (14 November 1840, Paris — 5 December 1926, Giverny) was a French painter, one of the founders of impressionism . Monet became famous for his portrait of Camille Doncier, painted in 1866 ("Camille, or portrait of a lady in a green dress"). Camilla became the artist's wife on June 28, 1870. They had two sons: Jean (1867) and Michel (17 March 1878). In 1912, Claude Monet was diagnosed with double cataracts, which caused him to undergo two operations. But he didn't stop drawing. After losing the lens in his left eye, Monet regained his vision, but began to see ultraviolet as a blue or purple color, which made his paintings take on new colors.  Claude Monet puzzles - in a large assortment in our online store.  More detailed >>>