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Canaletto jigsaw puzzles

Giovanni Antonio Canal (Italian: Giovanni Antonio Canal), also known as Canaletto (Italian: Canaletto). Canaletto (18 October 1697, Venice — 20 April 1768, Venice) was an Italian painter, head of the Venetian vedutist school, and master of urban landscapes in the academic style.

In 1719 visited Rome, where he became acquainted with the works of famous vedutista Giovanni Paolo Panini. After that, he began to paint his famous views of Venice. The first work of Kanal known to researchers with the author's signature is "Architectural Capriccio" (1723).

Unlike most artists of the time, Canaletto at an early stage of his work wrote his views (Veduta) immediately from nature, without making preliminary sketches and sketches. Subsequently, he began to write in the Studio, using a pinhole camera. 

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