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Jan Van Haasteren jigsaw puzzles

Jan van Haasteren was born on February 24, 1936 in the Netherlands. I started drawing at an early age, preferring to do everything else. After the Second world war, he began to study as a decorative artist, and later entered the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. 4 years later, by the end of his studies, Jan already had two job offers.

He started working in the advertising Agency "Nijgh&Van Ditmar", where he got acquainted with the world of comics and cartoons

In 1980, Jan van Haasteren received the first order from Jumbo. Although not immediately, but in the end the puzzles were a success, and from that moment their long-term collaboration began. New products" from Haasteren " began to appear annually.

In 2006, Jan turned 70 years old, and this was the perfect story for another Jumbo puzzle. By the way, Jan van Haasteren puzzles like both children and adults. After all, both of them like not only to collect these positive mosaics, but also to look for a kind of autograph of the author on the picture - a shark's fin. That in such a detailed story sometimes it is not so easy to do! 

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