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Иван Айвазовский jigsaw puzzles

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (born 17 [29] July 1817, Feodosia — 19 April [2 may] 1900, there) - world-famous Russian marine artist, batalist, collector, patron of art. Painter of the General Naval staff, academician and honorary member of the Imperial Academy of arts, honorary member of the Academies of arts in Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Florence and Stuttgart.

The first drawing teacher of the young Ivan Aivazovsky was a German colonist, the artist Johann Ludwig gross, with whose light hand the young Ivan Konstantinovich received recommendations inThe Academy of fine arts. In 1835, he received a silver medal for the landscapes "View of the seaside in the vicinity of St. Petersburg" and "Etude of air over the sea".

In the spring of 1838, the artist went to the Crimea, where he spent two summers. He not only painted seascapes, but also engaged in battle painting, participated in military operations on the coast of Circassia.

Numerous seascapes of Aivazovsky are also dedicated to the subjects of mosaics, which can be purchased in our online store in the category Aivazovsky puzzles. 

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