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Humboldt jigsaw puzzles

A series of nature photo puzzles edited by Alexander Von Humboldt is a meeting with wild nature, an opportunity to visit the most protected and remote corners of our planet, to see its beauty and uniqueness of the living creatures that inhabit it. 
At your disposal - stunning photos of the famous Italian photographer and traveler Alex Bernasconi (Alex Bernasconi), a recognized and very talented master. It seems that he has already traveled all over the world in search of amazing shots: for example, he visited Antarctica with an expedition, traveled a lot in Africa...
Elephants at a watering hole, an African sunset, a lighthouse during a storm, flooded cypress trees-the works of Alex Bernasconi make the heart beat faster at the sight of all this beauty. 
Take a closer look at his talented photos by collecting puzzles in this series produced by the German company Heye.