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Douglas Laird jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by Scottish artist Douglas Laird (Douglas Laird) - a beautiful gift for puzzle fans of all ages. Especially they will appeal to lovers of landscapes, scenes from life, mosaics with images of children.

Quite a lot of Laird's works on the winter theme - this is a snow-covered countryside, and pristine forest nature at this time of year, and a mischievous game of hockey with teenagers, and city streets that acquire a special charm in winter.

And what a sky in the works of this artist! Of course, it can also be summer blue, but most often the sky becomes a receptacle of a wide variety of shades-alluring, frightening, foreshadowing a storm or, on the contrary, talking about the imminent onset of calm.

Choose from our online store puzzles of paintings by Scottish artist Douglas Laird (Douglas Laird) produced by the canadian company Cobble Hill.