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Beth Hoselton jigsaw puzzles

Beth Hoselton is a well-known canadian animal artistwho paints with acrylic paint, oil, watercolors, pastels, tempera, pencils, and ink. In addition, he is engaged in lithography and sculpture. 

Beth was born in Coburg, Ontario, in 1970. Her father, the famous sculptor Carl Hoselton, passed on his knowledge and love of art to her. At the age of 15, Beth started selling her work and decided to become an artist. She successfully graduated from Haliburton school of Art (Lithography) and Trent University (Fundamentals of art).

A large number of Beth's talented works are dedicated to wildlife. She always manages to masterfully convey the fascinating Symphony of naturewhen she depicts jaguars, giraffes, songbirds, etc. The artist is actively cooperating with the funds to rescue wildlife.

Puzzles Beth Hoselton will appeal to those who like images of nature, living creatures that inhabit our planet and amaze with their diversity and beauty. 

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