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Barbara Mock jigsaw puzzles

American impressionist Barbara Mock, is well known for her flowers and still lifes, peaceful landscapes, charming cottages, nasty ivy fields, quaint gardening angels, delicate tea pots and teacups, and bright dry flower wreaths. Her unique style of oil painting is associated with a strong sense of design and is decorated with brushstrokes that range from subtle to bold. Barbara creates delicate lace patterns and strong substantive combinations of muted color with a subtle contrast with inner strength and romantic taste, perfect for traditional decor.

Barbara's career began in elementary school, where she was active in all forms of art in her hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma, until her high school graduation. Barbara then married Jim Mack and they had two children, Jeffrey and Cheryl. For the next 20 years, the maket family lived in Dallas, Texas, coral springs, Florida, and finally settled in Georgia. During her time in each city, Barbara continued to work on her art, exhibiting at local exhibitions, teaching and studying such famous artists as Richard Getz, Joanne McCurry, Raymond Frohman, Bud Biggs and Naomi Brighton.