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Arturo Zarraga jigsaw puzzles

Arturo Zarraga is a Mexican artist who paints unusual landscapes. He got acquainted with painting at the age of 12, trying to paint with watercolors. Later he switched to oil and acrylic.

In his paintings-his favorite Mexico, or rather, everything that surrounds him. This is a rural area with colorful churches, houses hidden at the foot of mountain peaks, fields stretching into the distance, forests rich in vegetation. These are the stone streets of Mexico city with fountains, cafes, and ancient buildings. 

And all this is very harmoniously adjacent to each other, turning a seemingly ordinary rural settlement into a place of fabulous beauty, and the capital , which is characterized by vanity, into an ancient mysterious city with a mysterious history. 

Arturo Zarraga puzzles will appeal to those who like to collect mosaics depicting original landscapes.

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