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Anna Stokes jigsaw puzzles

Anna Stokes (Anne Stokes) - Gothic and fantasy artist, designer.

From early childhood, Anna loved to draw and make things with her own hands. Parents always encouraged and supported the girl. And when her father first read the Hobbit to her, Anna immediately fell in love with the fantasy world. And over the years, she has learned the art craft to create her own fantasy worlds and extraordinary mystical characters.

The artist lives in Leeds, UK, with her husband Ralph (also a fantasy artist), young son Leo, and Spaniel Obie, to whom she is very grateful for their love and support. It is the family of Anna is the largest and inexhaustible source of inspiration for his work. 

Anna Stokes puzzles - an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Gothic world, not always dark and depressing, but philosophical and attractive in its own way.

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