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Alan Giana jigsaw puzzles

Unique and colorful style Alana Giana made him one of the most popular pictorial artists.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Alan Giana always wanted to be an artist. One of his first works of art was at the age of four, when he grabbed a magic marker and continued to draw on the wall. Needless to say, his parents weren't too happy, but his career started. Alan's father is an experienced ceramic artist. Alan often watched his father apply glazes and various drawing techniques to create his masterpieces. Throughout his school years, Alan always drew and drew. He went to College to study graphic design and business management.

With a degree in graphic design management, Alan started his own illustration and design company in the early 1990s with his wife Pamela. Over the years, Alan has worked on various commercial projects for illustration and design. His creations have appeared on book covers, magazines, children's games, music CDs, and have been published in several books and magazines showcasing the best in traditional airbrushing and digital illustration.

The work of this image master has won numerous awards, including the Pro-Comm Excellence award from the business marketing Association, the Premier Print award from Printing Industries of America, and the Oppenheim best toy award. Alan's paintings have been shown in numerous galleries and exhibitions across the country, including the Delaware Museum of art.

Alan's love of nature and the sea has always been a big part of his life. His appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us, even in our own courtyards, plays an important role in creating the inspiring art that he is known for today. Alan paintings of colorful paths, charming country hideouts, calm coastal waterways and exciting Christmas scenes, lead us to peaceful places. Places where we can escape for a moment and appreciate all the beauty around us.

Alan's rainbow paintings touch the lives of people all over the world. More than fifty companies across the United States, Canada, and Europe license their beautiful paintings to be reproduced on the products they produce. You can find Alan's inspirational creations on puzzles, calendars, receipts, Christmas cards, gift bags and boxes, cans, mugs, canvas prints, napkins, note notes, candlesticks, coasters, magnets, clocks, thermometers, music boxes, cross stitch kits, and more.