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Al Agnew jigsaw puzzles

Al Agnew (Agnew, Al) - American naturalist artist and traveler originally from the state of Missouri. Since childhood, he was simultaneously interested in the animal world and the visual arts. Young al brought home puppies, kittens, birds, and even snakes. He not only took care of them, but also captured them in his first paintings.

Subsequently, the love of art even led al Agnew to the teaching path: he taught students painting. At the same time, he did not forget about creativity, which he always paid great attention to. As well as traveling around the world, where he still manages to bring rare beauty sketches from the wild.

To help the artist not only painstaking and exciting observations of the habits of animals and birds, but also a professional camera.

Al Agnew puzzles - beautiful pictures in the genre of animalism.

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Cobble Hill puzzle 1000 pieces: Wolf eyes
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