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Tired to compete at the gaming table? Want together to save the world, and not to think who will score more points? Then a series of Board games "Pandemic" for you! It is from 2 to 5 friends can repel the danger that hangs over our planet.

"Pandemic" is:

A cooperative strategy for players aged 10 years

- Simple rules;

- Intuitive gameplay;

Great components;

- A great tool for team building;

A gift that will pleased the whole family!


And you can read more?

Of course! Viruses threaten to destroy the Earth. You, brave scientists and doctors travel the globe in an attempt to find a cure and stop the infection. Each of you has a special role. Someone better cure of infection, someone moving faster than you, and someone is looking for a successful vaccine. But only concerted action by the entire team can save the world!

Because illnesses are not asleep! Each move gets sick more and more and more people, and the infected city threaten to spark new epidemics. Confer, plan your actions and be reserved by patience. "Pandemic" is a cunning and dangerous. Do not be discouraged if at first you don't succeed to win. Try it!


What are the different versions?

"Pandemic" is the basic game. It has the classic process, which is polished in two editions. Board game "Pandemic. On the verge" - Supplement. Several complex scenarios, a new role and the opportunity to play five of them will entice you even more.

And for experienced wrestlers to the epidemic will be "Pandemic. Legacy." It is an independent Board game mechanics with the usual "Pandemic". In her every action; win or lose, will affect the future of the party. Characters can die, rules and goals change, and disease to evolve. In the end, you won't recognize our world! If you like "Pandemic" go ahead "Legacy". You will not regret!

Never played the cooperative strategy? Nothing to worry about! "Pandemic" is a great example of simple, but at the same time, a deep representative of the genre. It will introduce you to him, and will give a lot of history together. And what could be better than to remember the victories in the circle of friends?

Board game Pandemic: In the lab
Board game Pandemic: In the lab
Board game Pandemic
Board game Pandemic
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