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Wasgij Original

jigsaw Puzzles Wasgij Original series Dutch company Jumbo is a puzzle "on the contrary". In other words, you don't have to assemble a picture, a sample of which you see on the box! The aim is to recreate what the characters of a plot you see at the moment in front of him. Guess what there is a speech, is not always possible to make it difficult even when the puzzle is assembled by a third! But how exciting to put detail by detail, moving to the solution! 
To help you - bright, funny characters who are talented designers traditionally Jumbo draw in a cartoon style. Hilarious, ridiculous, falling in funny situations, funny interacting with each other, they will cheer up everyone. Moreover, the puzzles series Wasgij like to collect and kids and adults alike! 
Choose a story according to the picture in this section, we need a number of parts (150, 500, 1000) - and fun activities you provided!