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Of activities - the game of guessing words, which takes the genre to a new level! Now you are not limited by the explanation. Draw, show, pantomime, surprise! And watch out for opponents. They strive to push you off the road!

The series of Activities began its history in 1990. For 25 years the rules have honed and improved. Besides the original "Aktiviti" was released a lot of options. In our time a collection of Activities takes an important place among lovers of games of Association. It is not only a great way to spend time, but also a great opportunity to expand your horizons.

The rules of the game

The players are divided into teams. At the beginning of each turn, a team chooses one of the three decks and pulls out a map. Decks vary in difficulty, but the more complex the word, the more points they will bring! On each card is written a few words. Square on the field, which is a feature players, points to the word on the map and the explanation. To draw and can show only silence. While in pantomime you can't use foreign objects. But to explain anything. The main thing – do not use cognates.

All in all, the team only have a minute. If the players failed to guess the word, their token remains in place and the turn goes to the next command. If, after a word is guessed, the chips of different teams are in the same field, the feature of the opponents of the "faces" one notch back. And victory will go to the team that first crosses the finish line.

Active family

But what are the different variants of this exciting Board game? Let's see!

"Activiti anniversary edition" - classic version, produced specially for the 25th anniversary of the game. 330 cards with six concepts for each will not let you get bored!

"Activities for traveling" - now you don't need a Desk! Going anywhere and explain, explain, explain... For those who can not sit still!

"Activities for toddlers" for the youngest players. The words painted on the cards, and run across the field exciting the elephants. Naughty game!

"Activities for children" - for older children. The rules do not differ from the original game, except that words easier. Perfect for a birthday!

"Activity countdown" - for fans of the competition. The team is given ten minutes to guess words. And this whole game! Will be able to fit?!

"Tick tock boom and Activiti" - a mix of two great games. Guess the words and invent their syllables. Puzzling puzzles!

Board game Activity Original (Anniversary edition)
Board game Activity Original (Anniversary edition)
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