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Funky Zoo jigsaw puzzles

A series of cartoon puzzles Heye Funky Zoo from the Italian artist Marino Degano (Marino Degano) fans of puzzles of all ages will like it. Do not think that such pictures are intended only for children. You can be sure that adults will also enjoy collecting them!
This is because the characters in Marino Degano's paintings are comical cartoon characters who live in a world full of adventures and funny situations. 
Marino decided to dedicate the Funky Zoo series to zoos, or rather, their cartoon counterparts. Choose the one that you like - "Forest", "African", "Nile", or maybe "Polar" - and enjoy the fun process of assembling the puzzle. 
As a rule, puzzles with paintings by this talented artist are incredibly detailed images in a positive way, which makes it very exciting to collect such mosaics!
Interestingly, the artist, Illustrator and cartoonist Marino Degano created these stories specifically for puzzles, as he has been working with the German company Heye for 20 years! Share with him his love for bright and positive mosaics and you, collecting puzzles series Funky Zoo.