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Манчкин jigsaw puzzles

Have you always dreamed of defeating the Plutonium dragon? Did "Whooping geek" finally get to you? Don't pass it by! Munchkin-the solution to all your problems! And if you don't know who all these guys are, read on. We will explain everything to you!

A series of games "Munchkin" - otvyaznaya card parody of role-playing games, science fiction and horror movies. Gathered at the same table, several Munchkins (read players) chop down monsters and fill their pockets with treasures. What for? Yes, in order to be the first to reach the tenth level! And here all means are good. Substitute your opponents and make deals. Cheat! All for the sake of winning!

Incorrect rules

"Munchkins" - a huge number. But in most of them, the mechanics are unchanged. In your turn, you kick down the door to the dungeon. If you meet a monster there, you fight it. No problem: you can dig through his things and find treasures. Or play a monster with your hand. Get the treasures-put them on yourself! "Sword of song and dance", "Hotelny ring" and a bunch of useful gadgets will help you even easier to bring down monsters!

But sooner or later, your envious friends will get in your way. At the most inconvenient moment, they will throw a curse at you, or help the enemy. Beware of such a two-faced players! As a warning, curse them, and never help them in battle. Have you reached the tenth level? Congratulations! Now all the losers are thrown to you for pizza :)


Tired of playing the usual "Munchkin"? Don't despair! You are waiting for as many as seven additions; with new rules and maps. And if this is not enough, take other "Munchkins"! Starry, Vampire, Pirate – everyone will find to their taste. But most importantly, they are all compatible with the main game.

We should also mention two games:"Munchkin Quest" and "Munchkin under siege." Both of them are incompatible with the basic "Munchkin". In the first one, you no longer have to strain your imagination. After all, the dungeon is now laid out right on the table! Well-drawn rooms and monster chips will make you take a different look at the famous game.

«Munchkin under siege" - a special beast. A group of Munchkins need to protect the castle from monsters together. But at the same time, everyone must snatch as many trophies as possible. So think about what to do! You can also play this game alone. So if you've got enough of your friends-you can spit on them and go to have fun alone.