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Монополия jigsaw puzzles

Do you want classics? Don't want to learn 20-page rules and then explain them to your friends? Do you want to play a game that will attract people of all ages, from school children to grandmothers? Then " Monopoly» - your choice!

Everyone has heard of it. It has been played all over the world for more than 80 years. But time does not stand still, and " Monopolies» a huge number appeared. All of them retained the simplicity of the original rules, and added something of their own. So that you do not get confused, "Successful entertainment" will tell you a little about each. But first we will remind you how to play Monopoly.

The rules of the game

The goal of the game is to stay last after everyone else goes bankrupt. To do this, you need to buy real estate, make deals with other players, and collect rent from them. Each turn, you roll the dice and move to the number of cells that fall out. Most fields are streets where you can buy land. If someone has already bought the land where the chip stopped, you pay that player the rental price. Well, if you bought all the streets of the same type, feel free to build houses and even a hotel there! This will increase your income. That's all the rules!

Despite the simplicity, each game in "Monopoly" can capture in earnest. The vicissitudes of fate, the cunning of players and pleasant surprises can turn the game upside down. And most importantly, they will give you a great reason to communicate with your friends.

But what to choose?

«Monopoly" is a classic version that will suit everyone. Cells on the field are named after Moscow streets and train stations, and the rules have added an option that speeds up the game. Nothing extra!

«Monopoly. Anniversary edition" - a limited edition, released for the 80th anniversary of the game. The Board and chips are stylized as the very first edition, published in 1935. Especially for collectors!

«Monopoly. Russia" - now on the field not just streets, but entire cities! The largest cities of Russia with photos adorn a well-made game. A great gift for a friend from abroad!

«Monopoly with Bank cards" - especially for high-tech fans! Paper money is a thing of the past, pay with credit cards through a special terminal. Surprise your friends!

«Monopoly Empireis a faster and more competitive version of the classic game. Buying famous brands instead of streets, be the first to build your corporate tower! 

«Monopoly. Millionaire" - the goal has changed. Now you need to collect a million faster than anyone else. And new types of cards will help you do this: "Fortune" and "life of a millionaire", as well as new rules. Want to become a millionaire?

«Monopoly. The here and now. World edition" - travel around the world and fill in your passports with stamps. The first person to visit the most cities wins. For curious travelers!