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Каркассон jigsaw puzzles

Many fans of Board games who have children, sooner or later ask the question: how to introduce a child 7-8 years old to more "adult" games? Where to start? What simple but interesting game to choose for everyone?

Choose a classic! It is Carcassonne, and deservedly so. Its depth, pleasant design and calm gameplay have won thousands of hearts around the world! At the same time, the rules are explained in five minutes, and there are no complex calculations in the game. See for yourself:

Medieval Lord

Carcassonne ishalf puzzle-puzzle and half strategy. Players, noble feudal lords, take turns "collecting" their land from square parts of the field-tiles. A player can lay out one tile per turn. But you need to do it wisely. Each section has fields, roads, monasteries, and even entire cities drawn on it! And to get a landscape, you need to connect roads to roads, and fields to fields.

If the tile is laid out correctly, the player can place one of their pieces on it. Put a subject on the road – he will become a robber. On the field-a peasant. And depending on your profession will bring you points. Someone will bring points almost immediately, and someone only at the end of the game. And the player with the most points wins.

Games of thrones

But Carcassonne is not just one game. The simple process and tactical variety of the original gave rise to a whole series of games and add-ons. Here are just a few of them:

"Of Carcassonne. Royal gift" - a basic game with five mini-add-ons at a bargain price! Great choice!

"Of Carcassonne. Wheel of fortune" - a variation of the usual "Carcassonne", which does not need a base game. Lady Luck has turned her eyes to your domain! Will it help you? Or will famine and pestilence be your lot?

"Of Carcassonne. Hunters and gatherers"- a separate game based on "Carcassonne". Lead the tribe of the stone age! Hunt mammoths, fish, and build new villages! And all this on a beautifully drawn field!

"Of Carcassonne. South seas" is also a separate game. The rules have undergone major changes, and are sure to interest those who are tired of the base game. Immerse yourself in the romance of tropical Islands!

"Of Carcassonne. New lands" - a version about the discoverers. It is played a little faster and more dynamic than the rest of Carcassonne.

«Children of Carcassonne" - for the youngest lovers of the middle Ages! Simple rules and bright illustrations will captivate your child!


Правила игры:

Настоящий бестселлер, который вышел в свет еще в 2000 году и с тех пор обзавелся множеством поклонников во всем мире и потрясающими дополнениями, делающими игру еще более захватывающей.

Игра Каркассон об освоении земель средневековой Франции. Причем этим благородным делом, как можно догадаться, занимаются все игроки сразу, а победа предназначается кому-то одному. Чтобы оказаться в числе лидеров, нужно грамотно вырубать леса, осваивать пахотные земли, возводить различные строения, например, монастыри, прокладывать дороги, строить целые города! Иначе территория средневековой Франции окажется в запустении, и никто не сможет воспользоваться ресурсами.

Главное – в процессе освоения территорий не забывать ставить на игровое поле фишки своих подданных, тем самым подчеркивая, что собственник всего этого «освоенного добра» именно Вы! Сыграйте в игру Каркассон – почувствуйте себя настоящим первопроходцем старинных земель