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Puzzles series Scenery by the British company Falcon - a great opportunity to look at ordinary scenes from life - for example, a visit to the store, garden center, flea market weekend, to see what lives an ordinary rural street in the midst of a farm work week. 
The puzzles in this series have a lot of artistic details, a well-thought-out plot, interesting characters that will help you immerse yourself in their usual environment when the owner of such a puzzle from Falcon will collect it detail by detail. This will appeal to both children and adults - both experienced fans of puzzles, and those who are taking the first steps in the art of collecting colorful mosaics. 
Choose your favorite story and collect the puzzle with the whole family-an exciting leisure time is provided for you! Moreover, the Falcon puzzles are distinguished by high quality elements and excellent color reproduction. 

Puzzle 1000 Falcon Jumbo travelling by bus
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