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Twenty years ago, the brave discoverer Klaus Teuber first landed on Katana. It was a magical land full of secrets and mysteries. The woods were full of game. Mineral deposits were found in the mountains, and the fields were ideal for farming. And soon different people began to flock to this country. Someone was building cities peacefully. Someone was raising an army to conquer their neighbors. Some became robbers. Klaus was glad that life was alive on the continent he had discovered. To make more people know about this country, he decided to write about it. And he called his chronicle "Colonizers".

TheColonizers series of gamesis a classic family strategy game. Thanks to their process, "Colonizers" are easy to master, but they are not easy to defeat. The ability to plan, ingenuity and diplomatic talents will come to your aid in this game. Are you ready to go to Katan and become its ruler?

Everyday life of a feudal Lord

Every day in Katana begins with the harvest. From all your fields, forests and mines, you get raw materials. Then comes the trading phase. In it, deftly concluding deals and alliances, you can exchange the missing materials from other feudal lords. Well, if they charge exorbitant prices-welcome to the port, where you can always exchange goods at a fixed rate. And finally, after all the trade agreements, it's time to build!

During the construction phase, you build roads, settlements, and even entire cities! All this allows you to control even more territories, which means getting more resources. You can recruit troops for an attack on the land of neighbors and to develop science in exchange for victory points. After all, the one who first scores 10 points is declared the ruler of katana, and wins the game.

Kaleidoscope of possessions

For twenty years to "Colonizer" there were many additions. There are also separate games based on motives. How to understand this diversity? What is the difference between all these games? We will answer your questions and help you choose!

At the moment, five additions to the basic "Colonizers"have been published in Russian. This "Mariners","Cities and Knights","Wizard", "the Merchants and the barbarians" and "Pioneers and pirates". They all add a bunch of new mechanics and scenarios. If you want to make "colonizers" even more interesting, each Of them will be a great choice.

In addition, there are sets "Expansion for 5-6 players" for the base game and add-ons. If you think that four is too little for such a great game, feel free to take them and call your friends!

"Colonizers Junior" - for young researchers. Simplified rules, pirate themes and excellent illustrations will help children take their first steps in the world of Board games.

Colonizers Europe isa separate game on the map of medieval Europe. It will surprise fans of this series with new interesting mechanics and unusual gameplay. Build your trading Empire! 

Board Game Colonizers
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