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Алиас - Скажи иначе jigsaw puzzles

Looking for something to occupy a large company? Alias – your choice! This game, invented in Finland, for more than 20 years does not let people around the world get bored. And it doesn't matter if you are four or forty – "Alias" will attract you so much that it will make you lose track of time!

The "Alias" series ( or "Say otherwise" in other words) is an explanation game. In them, teams of two or more participants try to guess the words on the cards as quickly as possible. Each of them has several concepts. And there are more than 200 cards in each version of "Alias". You won't get bored!

Game rules

Although different versions differ in nuances, the basic principle remains unchanged. Each turn, one of the teams chooses the lead. He pulls cards from the pile and explains the words written on them to the team. You can not use the same root words and parts of the hidden word. And so that the explanations are not delayed, the game goes on for a while. Can you explain the "camp stool" in a minute? And the "thermal spring"? You can't do without imagination and a rich vocabulary!

If players can't guess the right word, you can skip it. But for this, the team gets a penalty point, as well as for the mistakes of the leader. And after the time is over, players count the number of guessed words, deduct penalty points from them and move their chip forward on the field. The team that gets to the finish line first will win!

Erudite family

And if you get tired of just guessing words, pay attention to other versions of "Alias". In each of them you will find new rules, tasks and game options.

"Alias party" - squares with tasks appeared on the field. If you get to such a site – you will have to perform a forfeit. Can you explain words in a bass voice from under the table? And come up with an adjective for each player that starts with the first letter of his name? Crazy entertainment!

"Alias for the whole family" - perfect for all ages. Thanks to the cards for children and adults, the difficulty of the game can be adjusted. And mischievous tasks will make children laugh and please adults. For warm family meetings!