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Vicente Romero jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles with reproductions of paintings by a Spanish artist Vicente Romero Redondo (Vicente Romero Redondo) will allow true admirers of the talent of this famous master of the brush to once again enjoy the splendor of female images, to which he dedicates his numerous paintings. 

Vicente was born in Madrid in 1959. He studied at an art school, studied sculpture for a while, but then firmly decided that he could show his talent with maximum effect in painting.

Tender, graceful, vulnerable, fragile, women in pictures Vicente Romero Redondo appears in the images of mysterious strangers, sensual romantic persons, servants of art. They are captured at the moment of waking up in the morning, relaxing in nature, admiring the beauty of the sea, frozen at the dressing table, with a book on a wicker chair. And the artist always tries to make the meeting with them spontaneous, to find their heroines natural-without makeup, styling, formal dresses, in children's, often awkward poses...

Get in touch with creativity Vicente Romero Redondo, collecting puzzles with reproductions of his works. In our online store, puzzles are presented under the brands of the Turkish company Heidi (Art Puzzle), Educa.

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