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Persis Clayton Weirs jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by English animal artist Persis Clayton Weirs will appeal to everyone without exception-both children and adults! And all because the paintings of this amazing artist depict our younger brothers, whom she depicts with great love and warmth. The stories appear quite funny, with a comical touch and necessarily-permeating all and all kindness. It's impossible not to feel it!
Kittens, puppies, horses, geese, ducks, forest birds - no one is left without attention to her many works. Fortunately, Persis has been painting since her youth, and she has something to surprise even the most sophisticated fans of painting. 
Often the artist devotes her work to seemingly ordinary rural landscapes - with a couple of swans frozen on the water surface, with a local old-timer fishing in silence, or children sitting half-asleep on the porch... 
In short, if you are looking for a puzzle with a good, "Sunny" story, you will not be difficult to find it among the works Persis Clayton Weirs. In our online store, puzzles with reproductions of paintings by this artist are presented by the canadian company Cobble Hill.