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Ciro Marchetti jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles by English artist Ciro Marchetti (Ciro Marchetti) take you to a fantastic world full of wonders, adventures and mysticism, created by this talented master of the brush, and also a graphic designer and Illustrator. 

Chiro's Works Marchetti is a challenge to the boring reality, the template perception of the world and everyday life. After all, his paintings are just about the fact that the game of imagination has not been canceled yet: it is enough to rely on your imagination, and you will be able to look at the surrounding reality from a different angle. The artist himself is very good at it - we see balloons hanging in the air, strange castles that go up into the sky with their towers, airships, peacocks, rainbows, unreal creatures that feel more than comfortable in such an environment. 

You can get acquainted with the work of this original artist by collecting puzzles with his works. Choose your favorite story, the right amount of details, the manufacturer (represented by different companies) and start collecting this wonderful mosaic.